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We get rid of the mess, that causes you stress!


We are a family run business with 10 years experience on the market.

Our business reputation means everything to us. Throughout the years we have tried and used many cleanings machines and very quickly realised that if we want to keep our client’s satisfaction we need equipment we can trust and rely on. This is why we choose only the top range cleaning machines and only professional cleaning solutions.

Your satisfaction is our main goal.


Carpet cleaning is our speciality.

We all vacuum our carpets. Some may go one step further and try to clean using widely available carpet cleaning products and machine renting schemes. There is a big range of domestic carpet cleaning equipment available on the market to choose from, and smart advertising of those products makes you think that carpet cleaning is a quick and easy task. Is it, really?

This kind of inexperienced carpet cleaning has a major disadvantage. Dissolved dirt stays in the carpet, seeping down to its deeper layers. If you really care about your carpets, and want them to be deeply cleaned, then we recommend professional wet cleaning with extraction vacuum cleaners. This method sucks out dust and dirt from your carpets during the cleaning process instead of leaving it inside.

If you want a carpet cleaner with the best equipment on the market, years of valuable experience, and countless happy returning customers, then look no further.


Why should you wash your carpets regularly?

It is very easy to put off cleaning your carpets but consider this:


  • Regular washing can extend the life of your carpets by 30%, saving you money that would be spent on replacing them.

  • The cleaning will remove sand, dust, flaking epidermis, animal hair and mites resulting in reduced allergens, and ensuring a healthier and more hygienic environment for the whole family.

  • It will also remove unpleasant odours as well as stains and marks on your carpet.


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We don’t sell our services - We buy your trust!



               Jack Szalaj 

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